Sunday, January 17, 2010

13 de junio de 2010

"An optimist will tell you the glass is half-full; the pessimist, half-empty; and the engineer will tell you the glass is twice the size it needs to be"

3 de junio de 2010

This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.

Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.

Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job.

Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done

31 de mayo de 2010

Skeeter and ticks are in full fury now.

18 de mayo de 2010

The below tractor has auto-steer, so it gives me lots of time to think. So I think`d up a way to make a plain hoody not so plain(2nd pic). If one looks real close into the cab, one can see that its takes a John Deere thermos to keep this blue rig rolling.

14 de mayo de 2010
Boat drivers licence. One can go to Smitty`s restaraunt, spend ALL day(8-5) and pay $200ish. Or go to Canadian Tire, 1/2hr if your somewhat illiterate and pay $40ish if you pass the first time.

11 de mayo de 2010
Follow this link for the falcon cam.

10 de mayo de 2010

With all this rain we`ve had recently, I set my mosquito trap just in case.

1 de mayo de 2010
Attempted to paint some water drops last night. These "drops" are actually totaly flat, one cannot find the location of the drops by running a finger across the paint.

30 de abril de 2010
Found the perfect solution for folks wanting to use a computer mouse but suffer from Parkinsons. 2 mice. If the mice get moved in opposite directions, they cancell each other out. So if the twitchy hands could coordinate themselves....

I was poking around for a pic for my homework, and found this incredible paint job.

25 de abril de 2010
Went to Whitedog ( 51 09'34.31"N & 94 56'32.24"W ) today. When I first started going, I figured on going untill I`d seen a black bear (I had not ever seen a bear in the wild at that point), then I would quit. Now with one last time for this year left I finally see a bear and a fox the same trip. But I figure I ain`t done with those kids yet as I signed up for maintenance at Whitedog camp for this summer. Seems every time I want to quit something, God hauls out the cattle prod and says "Keep walking". Who am I to argue?

22 de abril de 2010
Thermometer outside today showed about 20C before lunch. As I walked into school, I felt like I walked into a furnace; right after class I saw the maintenance guy show up. The place has one of these engineered air control systems. There is no regular thermostat, one just can set it for warmer or colder.
Lots of mobile disco parties waiting for customers today on Hwy 12.

If they would at least use a car like this then they`d have a chance to catch my poor old S10.

20 de abril de 2010

I'm an ice sculptor. Last night I made a cube.

I tried to throw a yo-yo away. It was impossible.

A sleeping bag is a tortilla for a human.

I want to get a vending machine, with fun sized candy bars, and the glass in front is a magnifying glass. You'll be mad, but it will be too late.

If you can't sleep, count sheep. Don't count endangered animals. You will run out.

I was going to stay overnight at my friend's house - he said, "you'll have to sleep on the floor." Gravity! You don't know how bad I wanted to sleep on the wall.

I bought myself a parrot, but it did not say "I'm hungry", and so it died.

I hate arrows. They try to tell me which direction to go. It's like "I ain't going that way, line with two thirds of a triangle on the end!"

I like to hold the microphone cord like this, I pinch it together and then I let it go, then you hear a whole bunch of jokes all at once.

I would imagine if you could understand Morse Code, a tap dancer would drive you crazy.

I didn't go to college, but if I did, I would have taken all my tests at a restaurant. Because the customer is always right.

**maybe I`ll have to take the last as good advice?

18 de abril de 2010
Heard a report today from Nicaragua. Brought so many good memories that I started looking around on google earth. Here is a short list on a few places that I was privilaged to visit:
Dona Norma - stayed here for night
excellent cook she was

Masaya - tourist shopping
86° 5'38.52"W

Volcan Masaya

bar y restaurante el muelle (3D pic)
has my first properly fresh
white pineapple here
12° 9'37.86"N

This is where my cousin currently is located.

14 de abril de 2010
Pending CRTC approval, we should be getting another telephone area code; 431, by 2012 give or take a year.

11 de abril de 2010
This picture represents a truth. The D11 is bigger then a TD25. The D11 is 1:12 scale and weighs in at 67lbs, the real one has an operating weight of around 225,000lbs.

10 de abril de 2010
Finished fixing an imports e-brake(hmm...imports...brake issues???) and finished my homework, so I had a bit of spare time. I used Model Master Candy Red for the main part and Chevy Engine Orange for high lighting the flames. Never made flames before, so I`m happy with the way they turned out.

6 de abril de 2010
True story, as told to me by the nephew of the Mennonite.

A Mexican Indian tells a Mennonite he`s hungry and wants food. The Mennonite tells the Indian he has to work for his food. So the Mennonite gives the Indian a shovel and tells him to dig an irrigation ditch. Two hours later, the Mennonite returns to check on the progress and finds the Indian sitting hunched over under a tree, having worked nothing. The Mennonite asks the Indian, "Why haven`t you done any work yet?" The Indian replies, "An empty sack can`t stand up. I`m hungry." So the Mennonite brings him a big plate of food.
Two hours later, the Mennonite returns to check on the progress and finds the Indian laying flat on his back under the same tree and still no work has been done. The Mennonite asks the Indian "I gave you food and you still haven`t done any work?" The Indian replies smugly, "A full sack can`t bend over. I`ve eaten good!"

3 de abril de 2010

When a vise, visegrip and a paint jar meet under difficult circumstances, something will always give. This is the first time the jar gave way. I`ve had the vise clamped much tighter in the past. It is probably similar to the stunt where its said that is impossible to crack an egg with your bare hands if its held correctly. Trust me, something always gives. hee hee

27 de marzo de 2010
Gave ol Chevy an oil change today and noticed my fuel line was almost worn through. Seems the torsion bar mounts broke free and the stud was hitting the line.

For some reason it does not surprise me the mount broke - for the second time since I bought the truck. They factory folks GLUED the 2 parts together! Maybe its an imported part, from the Toy manufacturer.

I couldn`t get to town in time to pick up a new mount so I hammered out the top stud and drilled a hole right down through the frame and put 1 long bolt in there to hold it together. I`ll have to fix that fuel line as well.

At least the brakes ain`t squeak`n just yet, pretty close though.

24 de marzo de 2010
The old tap handle broke today. Farmers are able to fix things real quick with what ever`s on hand. Sure makes it easy to know which tap is the hot one even with soap in the eyes.

22 de marzo de 2010
Posted a new pic of me self. A security guard happened to stand where I wanted to exit the store, so I asked our team leader to take a pic real quick. A nice man, he apparently was very willing, course I could not understand his Spanish.

Another time, I came a across our taxi driver very causully visiting with a guard, who was armed with a sawed-off automatic. It all seemed pretty relaxed. I thought of asking the guard about playing a little poker, you know, maybe the winner keeps the rifle? Knowing the langauge shure would have been nice. At times...well...maybe its best I didn`t.

11 de marzo de 2010
My last week as Skyline`s full time employee ended today with a small bang - literaly. A hydraulic hose popped and the bale grapple slammed down. No damage done, just a lot of hydraulic oil on the ground. So I scanned out ontime today instead of working what I thought would end up 2 1/4 hrs overtime.

8 de marzo de 2010
Big equipment I find interesting. So here is a pic of a big chopper. For more info, you can click here or do your own search. I believe the chopper is hauling the back half of a mining truck?

5 de marzo de 2010
One of the latest rules `round here is to go "hands free" while driving on the road. Me being a law abiding citizen, I try very hard to follow this new rule as I travel to work every day. However, I seriously question if it makes me a safer person on the road, because as soon as I go "hands free", the bike really starts to wobble! I`ve only wiped out once so far due to icy roads, so I `spose thats no too bad.

2 de marzo de 2010

I seen these folks a few years ago in an antique calendar, but never thought I`d see them move.
Look`n mighty fine!

27 de febrero de 2010
"Whats so high-tech about sending a telegraph by phone?"

23 de febrero de 2010
I`m getting as big a paycheck now a days as anybody. All that hard work is paying off? I still have it stretched pretty thin though. In fact, my calipers won`t even measure how thin it`s stretched. As for how big a check? Well, its about 8.5" X 11". hee haw

20 de febrero de 2010

Was painting my D11, and my jacket got a slight mist of Cat paint, so I decided to haul out the air-brush and finnish what the mist started. No masking, all free hand, thats why its slightly off center.

19 de febrero de 2010

I found my old page. Forgot that it existed.

14 de febrero de 2010

Started this Cat D11 about a year ago, now its finally got its 2 coats of paint. Here its hanging to dry in my high tech, random, cross air flow paint booth. Said and done it will be about 35" long.

7 de febrero de 2010
Had an intersting weekend. I started Saturday off by painting my D11. Just barely had the gun cleaned when a call came in that the church elevator was stuck somewheres higher up then ground level, with someone inside. So`s I headed off to church, painty clothes and all. Some kids walked past me and commented "It smells like paint here." I`m think`n "No kidding!", considering my hands were still a nice shade of CAT yellow. When all the ruffled feathers had been calmed down, it was decided that it might be a good idea to shut the ele. down till the grease monkey from the big city comes out to check it out.
This morning, it was discovered that a shortage of wheels, and an abundance of drivers can create problems. The real keys and the spare keys were about an hours drive away from the appropriate car, and possibly in two different houses. Oops!

3 de febrero de 2010
Was hauling bales this week on our lovely icy roads. The hayrack very much outweighs the tractor. When it comes to tractor or trailor brakes, its "seen and not heard." Well, forget the "seen" part. Sometimes the dog wags the tail and sometimes the tail wags the dog.

31 de enero de 2010

Here is my fancy new radio thingy for in the house. It was designed for automotive use, so I had to drop the voltage down a few. The center display is a video screen, which would be nice to have in my truck, seeing as watching Napolean Dynamite reruns is probably more interesting then watching a red light s...l...o...w...l...y turn green.

30 de enero de 2010

Some pics confuse me as to which end is which.

25 de enero de 2010
I`m still waiting for a welder that leaves cold results. Now I would like a fry pan along the same lines. Burnt toast is similiar to hot steel, especially when fried in smok`n grease.

BTW 100204180 = I ought naught to owe for I ate naught.

23 de enero de 2010
Can you translate the following into a sentence?(English mind you)
1 0 0 2 0 4 1 8 0

21 de enero de 2010
Was at a customers farm yesterday. Mr Farmer came to me and in a way of greeting, said "Behher wehher?"
me "Sorry hows that?"
"Behher wehher!"
"Sorry, I have no idea what your saying"
real slowly this time "Better wetter!?"
"Yes yes, better weather"
Not shure what accent he had, but communicating was definatly a struggle.

17 de enero de 2010

Took a pic of my desk top today.

Quote "There is a rumor that says this whole (vapour barrier) exercise is designed to make our houses air tight so that the stale air inside cannot get out to pollute the atmosphere, its probably true."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Being the tool collecto-maniac that I am, I could not resist posting a pic of this "tool". Not shure what to call it other then Mr Stanley. A farmer loaned it to me when I requested a ViseGrip. For an adjustable wrench it worked pretty good, but it ain`t a ViseGrip. Did I mention I wanted a ViseGrip? You know, those ever so valuable ViseGrip`s? I mean, every farmer, truck driver, construction worker, pilot, and doctors should have a ViseGrip. Sorry Mr Stan, didn`t mean to unintenionly run down your toy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Was sirously think`n of head`n to CINAG in Nicaragua this winter, but it looks like that ain`t gonna be a happen`n. Oh well, who needs to go south for warmer weather, we`re suppose to get above ZERO temps this week, if that ain`t nice balmy temps I ain`t got none clue what is. But then, maybe my brain is froze over.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Figured I`d do a change up in my hobbies. I`ve done a little leather work over the years. This book is supposed to show me how to do the lacing around a cover for my new Bible. The front will be stamped with Santa Biblia. Oh yea, nothing like reading a strange language @ 0645 each day. At times it might as well be Russian hieroglyphics, good thing the other column is english. Does this sound familiar Cliff? Right, forgot, your fluent in Spanish by now. he he I`ll catch up to you eventually.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So here`s the pic of my secret project. `Twas asked to biuld this Pete for a friend for his birthday/Christmas present. It is 1/12 scale. If Lois T. reads this, then you should be able to figure what smelled like "glue" the other day in my shop. The only thing was, that I was quite content in letting you think it was glue, when it actually was very fresh paint. Life can be interesting.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mmmm Root Beer! The tin can I found about 10 years ago when I was digging up... eh... doing some landscaping at our church grave yard. Based on the DOD on the surrounding head stones, the can could likely have been buried close to 15 years?? Well preserved in any case.

I finished a secret project now. Should be able to post a pic soon I think. Guess its still a secret, ha ha.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

God may steer the vehicle of life, but steering don`t help too much if the trannys in neutral. COTR

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Helped a friend wean 6 of his sheep. Very interesting cute little critters.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My dream of owning a too tall truck has finally come true! You know, big tires, step ladder required to get in and out etc. I wanted to park in a parkade last night and and my truck hit the height limit bar over head. How cool is that? But pride comes before the fall, and it was only my CB antenna that hit all kinds of over head things. I tried to hit a security camera but missed.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Learned something new today. Never block the solar panel on an auto darkening welding mask with ones sleeve, hurts the eyes to much.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bagpipes are not musical (instruments).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Was hauling corn silage today. Suspect I took some paint off the `ol freighter. Had to run about 1/8 mile through the bush down a ATV trail with my 27,000lb load. I removed the CB atennas from both of our trucks to avoid ripping them off. As a result there was zero communication between our 2 trucks and the customers 3 trucks. We had no place to pass or turn around and backing up would have been interesting around blind corners up a sandhill etc. Everything worked out OK. We were even done the field before dark, that was very good!!

Found a favorite foto the other day.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

So now I`m officialy moved here, although my pics haven`t come with. Just be patient and I will bring a few here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hola Amigos

Google Page Creator has grown wings and flown away, so now ya folks can find me here.